“The mind, when housed within a healthy body, possesses a glorious sense of power.”


Pilates focuses on the full body alignment across all planes of movement, coordinating body, mind, and spirit. Our innovative approach helps our clients return to balance, move efficiently, and maximise their potential through actively focusing on effective technique, symmetry, alignment, and posture.  

Pilates was developed by pioneer Joseph Pilates who took a new approach to exercise and body  conditioning, devising an integrated body-mind method. The principles are based on centring, concentration, control, precision, breath, and flow; the beauty of the practice being on the complete alignment of the physical aspects of wellness, integrated with the mental and emotional elements of health. 

At Pilates Nest we’re passionate about focused movement and creating a premium experience for  clients to move in a fresh and bright, private space with highly attuned and supportive instruction. The programmes we offer are uniquely personalised, tailored especially for clients to move more efficiently and effectively. You will experience a continuous flow of exercises that individually target your entire body, leaving you restored and renewed. 

Pilates is a transformative practice for the body and mind that helps you to create sustainable and  lasting change. As the focus on functional movement works several muscle groups at once, you build strength holistically, encouraging your body to function as one single connected unit. We focus on training ‘movements’ not ‘muscles’ to achieve an effortless ease of movement and stability,  leaving you energised, and feeling great. The techniques can be used for injury rehabilitation, cross-training, driving peak performance in athletes and for anyone looking for a complete, whole-body exercise method that will improve posture, increase overall strength, and will make an incredible difference to your state of mind.