Welcome to Pilates Nest; a boutique studio space located in Crows Nest, Sydney. A fully equipped Pilates studio, we offer private and semi-private classes using our full range of traditional equipment including the Reformer, Trapeze Table/Cadillac and Mat. 


Pilates Nest is a beautifully designed boutique space in Sydney’s Lower North Shore with a genuine nurturing approach to delivering a premium bespoke experience.

A truly welcoming, collaborative, and supportive space, we welcome people at all levels, for all types of movement, including pre and post-natal, rehabilitation, sports training, and for general health and wellbeing. 

Pilates works the body across all planes of movement, allowing you to function efficiently and harness the true potential of your body.  

Our private and semi-private sessions are tailored specifically to your individual goals and needs, allowing you to get the most out of your practice and gain a better understanding of the principles of Pilates. 

Prior to joining the studio, please book your initial 60-minute compulsory assessment designed to get a comprehensive view of your body, health, and fitness goals. Here we’ll ask a few questions to gain an understanding of your background and specific body mechanics, allowing us to build a fully personalised program for you.

“The mind, when housed within a healthy body, possesses a glorious sense of power.”


About Yvette

Our founder, Yvette Clements, lives by the Pilates Nest vision to inspire wellness in body and mind to support her community to move efficiently. Yvette is a Diploma qualified Pilates professional with a strong passion for meditative movement. Her goal is to leave her clients feeling great and moving even better.  

Yvette has decades of expertise exploring the fundamentals of peak performance, fitness, and  functional movement. Having found her true path early on at the age of 19, after experiencing the positive benefits of strength training, the journey into the world of endurance sport and fitness began as an avid professional triathlete. 

Realising that she wanted to teach others to maximise their bodies potential too, Yvette became a qualified personal trainer, working full time in boutique fitness studios, honing her technique, and becoming a specialist in the field. 

After having children, Yvette discovered Pilates and found a great passion for the practice, and embarking on a new path, she qualified as an instructor and completed her Diploma in Pilates through the internationally recognised Polestar Pilates. 

For almost three decades she’s helped support people to move efficiently, becoming a specialised coach across multiple disciplines who delivers real results, and creating a strong following of clients. 

With a spring in her step and appreciation for this unique method and transformative practice, she opened Pilates Nest to help clients create sustainable and lasting change, challenging their bodies across multiple planes of motion encompassing a full range of traditional Pilates equipment.  

Yvette is a member of Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA) and has completed further studies developing her interest and expanding her repertoire in pre and post-natal and women’s health. 

Pilates Nest is a truly welcoming, collaborative, and supportive space. Beautifully designed, it offers a premium bespoke experience for people at all levels, for all types of movement.

Welcome to Pilates Nest, come under our wing, in our care and join us to restore, reinvigorate and refine your body, mind and spirit.

“Physical fitness is the first
requisite of happiness.”